Wigs are known as “head fashion”,as a higher value-added export products,19th century Jewish in Germany began to operate,and gradually transferred to Korea,Japan and Hong Kong and Taiwan.After the reform and opening up,the domestic batch to undertake the transfer of industrial industries in Korea,plus production enterprises was to OEM production and imitation,China is now the world’s largest addition to production.Exporting countries,more and more wig export enterprises to participate in the competition in overseas markets,but also derived from a number of well-known brands of wig products.

Kabeilu is one of the companies that insist on doing high quality real hair and take brand route and long-term planning.Kabeilu stationed in Ali International in 2010,focused on B2B foreign trade business,with the enterprise in the business development of the rapid increase,the company synchronization Focus on its own factory construction,so as to make up for the shortcomings of traditional traders.After years of development,KBL has been able to flexibly control the production,monitoring inventory,to control the quality of products,to provide customers with consistent quality of goods,thus attracting every kabeilu customers.

Nowadays,the wigs wear fashion all over the world,and each person wearing a wig is different,for black women,their original hair curl,paste the scalp,not long and long,and naturally not easy to care,coupled with the beauty of female beauty,Has a hair into a lot of black women’s dream,at the same time,because the real hair making wig products realistic,durable and beautiful features,has become the first choice for black women.

If you want to buy original and unprocessed hair,please contact us,we are the largest supplier of China,the main supply of real hair extension types are:Brazilian hair,Peru hair,Indian hair,Malaysian hair.