Can you think of a footwear brand that embodies the strength and elasticity of the East and exudes the elegance and style of the West? What more than Feiyue’s shoes. We all know that China is where most international brand shoes come together, but a brand to call their own, that’s something!

Yes, Feiyue’s shoes go back to history as early as the 1920’s in Shanghai. Made of lightweight material and simple design, it is used by Chinese of all kinds. It has become a reference between Chinese social categories led by politicians, college students to Shaolin famous masters.

Who would have thought that a pair of Feiyue shoes would someday find their way into the fashionable streets of Paris and London.

Flying forward

Feiyue in Chinese literally means “fly forward”. Although it took many years for this brand to rise to greater heights, the recognition it now enjoys is worth waiting for. Was it because Orlando Bloom was seen wearing a pair of Feiyue trainers? Or was it because martial arts have become so popular that everyone wants to be a part of it?

Thanks to Patrice Bastian, a confetti shoe lover from Paris who calls Shanghai his home. Having experienced the comforts of how a shoe should be, Patrice sensed that something was missing with the shoe. After associating with a group of people whose passion is towards creating a world-class brand, a noble touch was added to Feiyue. A new look was given and a total transformation was made without compromising its touch and vintage quality.

Star Wars x Feiyue Low Shoes – 3PO

It is first time that Star Wars elements are built with Feiyue shoes. The 3PO kicks are produced under Feiyue’s aim for be young, be cool and be yourself. Therefore, the sneakers comes best quality and gets much attentions from Star Wars fans, and it is nice for collection, daily casual lifestyle, and sports wearing.

Style Code:3PO
Material: Suede + Textile + Canvas + Vulcanized Rubber Sole
Condition: Brand New & 100% Authentic
Package: Original Star Wars x Feiyue Shoes box and accessory.
Condition: Brand New & 100% Authentic

Following the collabration with Disney, Feiyue bring us this special made shoes to honor Star Wars’ 3PO robot. It comes 3PO inspired white and gold colorways by features white base accented gold hints on feiyue logo, outsole, and tongue detail. What is more, this fei yue sneakers comes full size as family shoes, so you can find a pair for mens, womens and kid size. Other details include low top design for more protection, high quality producing details from Feiyue factory, special made Star Wars box, dustbag, socks and insole.

Feiyue and Martial Arts

Martial arts is something that China is best associated with. It is an ancient art of self-defense. To be able to practice the art, it requires a lot of discipline, endurance and a pair of comfortable shoes. That’s where the Feiyue shoes come in.

Famous for its robustness and flexibility, Feiyue is the best choice for martial arts. It provides a more realistic scenario of self-defense as well as power and balance while training. As such, even if you are not into this type of art, walking in a pair of Feiyue trainers will make you feel more comfortable and light.

From China to the world

In February 2006, the world witnessed the birth of the new Feiyue. The once monotonous and simple sneakers had given a French touch. It was given the urban look and a devastated style that makes it even more elegant and fashionable. Undoubtedly, it has become the essential moment for people around the world who appreciate total comfort and style.

Feiyue boasts of its ancient history combined with modernity and elegance that is French. Having these qualities, it will not be surprising if one day, this lesser known brand of Shanghai shoes will finally make it big in the industry. Slowly, celebrities and sports fans have already taken the lead. Who knows, you could be the next to own a pair.

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