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No kids have received more sympathy and discrimination than the disable kids in China. Nothing can be compared for showing love to those who need. However, the disable kids need help, not pity. It is a challenge for a normal teacher rarely spent time together with special-need kids to resist showing them pity at the first time. As we know special-need kids need more care and therefore Worlda International teachers spent one-month time to prepare before the first welfare teaching trip was made. According to the research, 4.5% of disable students are not able to receive higher education in Guangzhou, because there are not enough special-need schools for them. It is the time to do something, and we know it.

%e5%8d%83%e5%ba%93%e7%bd%91-%e7%88%b1%e5%bf%83%e5%88%86%e5%89%b2%e7%ba%bfAfter one-month constant contacting with Guangzhou Rehabilitation School, we have learned some basic information about the students: there will be 18 kids joining our class, and most of them are around 10 years old. These kids don’t really prefer to be taken pictures of their front face, for understandable reasons, they are just not confident enough to be exposed to the public. It is necessary to do those researches before the welfare teaching kicks off.

Nov 29th, Tuesday, the first time Guangzhou Foreign Expert welfare teaching trip was made by Eric, David, Mico and Suki from Worlda Internationaldsc_5555

Before the class got started, the principal of Guangzhou Rehabilitation School appreciated that we come today to do something so meaningful, and also thanked us for the gifts we brought here.



4:00 pm, class began. Instead of asking students all stand up to say hello to teacher as the ordinary class, Eric, our teacher from the US, naturally began with: “Hey kids, my name is Eric, How are your guys today?” then started telling kids a little Ice-breaking story about an elephant and a snake to warm up the class.


Most of the kids gave fantastic responds than we expected during the class. There is a boy called Ben, he even voluntarily helped the students beside him to join the activity and also tried to help others to complete the group work that teacher gave. He didn’t feel he is different from the ordinary kids, he still tries his best to help others. What he did have a peculiar fascination for me, make me understand and needless to say that the faster a person starts doing donation the earlier people who need help will benefit from it, and it doesn’t matter what this person looks like.dsc_5725


5:00pm, on the way home we already started to plan for next week class, see you soon Ben! See you soon Guangzhou Rehabilitation School. We are coming back next week!!!

To be continued………….

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