How to take care of your Brazilian hair

Brazilian hair is natural human hair that is superior in quality and loved by many. Its specialty is that it does not go through any chemical process and is shiny, silky and light in texture which makes it the most popular of all the hair extensions on the market today. The bright natural look makes it look good on any head and you can select a color that matches the color of your natural braids for a natural look even with the extension in place.

The best features of Brazilian hair are that it does not become entangled, it comes off or it dries and it can also contain those beautiful curls for a long time. Hair extensions come in a wide range of colors and lengths, therefore, you can choose the perfect one for you. Whatever Brazilian hair you choose, taking care of it is necessary to continue enjoying your beautiful look. Brazilian hair can also be very expensive, therefore it only makes sense that you discover the best way to take care of it.

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Tip 1 – To keep your hair extension silky and soft, use a light conditioner after washing it. Deep conditioning can be done on a monthly basis, but if the piece is colored or very dry, then deep conditioning is best done every fortnight for a smooth and silky appearance.

Tip 2 – Make sure you have a professional fix the hair extension for you. Proper placement is important because it protects your natural hair from damage and breakage that can result from a very tight fabric or application. This can also leave you with a painful scalp. It should not be loose either because it could end up damaging it or it will mess up faster. Allow a professional to handle fixation for best results.

Tip 3 – Rinse the conditioner and shampoo thoroughly to keep hair product buildup in the bay and minimize scalp problems. Use a thick towel to dry the hair making sure you pat dry instead of rubbing it dry. You can also use a dryer, but minimally because the frequent heat could end up damaging your hair extensions.

Tip 4 – Use argan oil on the accessory for quick absorption and root penetration to improve hair elasticity. The oil has vitamin E that strengthens hair minimizing damage to Brazilian hair.

Tip 5 – For virgin hair extensions in the Brazilian type, clean the scalp and then the hair extension. Powdered shampoos can be great options to take care of the scalp and hair as well. Use a mild shampoo on a weekly basis making sure that you work from the scalp down to the edges to keep tangles in the bay.

Tip 6 – After drying the hair thoroughly, apply a moisturizer or light oil and then comb out. A wide-tooth comb is better in place of a brush, because a brush can pull out the hairs leaving the hair extension messy.

Your Brazilian hair is as good as the care you give it. After choosing the extension you most love, find out from your stylist what you can do to maintain the beautiful appearance of hair extensions. Buy cheap Brazilian hair here:

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Synthetic Wigs VS Human Hair Wigs

Human Hair WIGS

Most people like to wear wigs to get trendy. Women can change their hair from short to long, from straight to curly, from blond to red by the use of wigs. Wigs allow women to look impressive by changing their hairstyles. Women today are very busy and family and career oriented, and do not have much time for themselves. For a busy woman, a wig is a quick beauty solution for any occasion. Simply using a wig instead of taking the time to style your hair can be a great time saver. Wigs can usually be divided into two categories: human hair and synthetic hair. And there are dozens of wigs with different colors and styles available these days.

Human hair wigs are made from natural real human hair that is collected from different sources. These wigs are created by using the actual hair of women. On the other hand, synthetic hair wigs are made of synthetic materials. They look like the original hair, but if you look carefully, you will realize that they are not real hair, and are very different from natural human hair. A human hair wig can be traced from its uses, and can last for a long time if you take care of it. On the contrary, a synthetic hair wig can lose its lustrous nature in a short period of time, and can get tangled very easily.

Due to the lightness, comfort and styling options of human hair wigs, they have been considered as the best choice for those who want to change their appearance. Unlike synthetic ones, human hair wigs are harmless to their own hair, so they have also become a preferable option for most wig lovers. Like their natural hair, human hair wigs can be washed and cleaned using shampoos and conditioners. The bright and shiny nature of these wigs can last a very long period of time compared to synthetic ones.

Human Hair WIGS

During a trip, if you are wearing a synthetic wig, it can make you feel so depressed. Synthetic hair wigs are actually fibers, so if they are not installed properly, they will be easy to get tangled. Besides, it’s a pain to bear with them. On the other hand, natural hair wigs can be used for a long time without getting entangled. These wigs can be mixed with your own natural hair perfectly, and you do not need to worry about whether or not your hair will fall.

Therefore, human hair wigs are very versatile and you can use them for different purposes. They can be easily maintained and have a long service life. You can only treat them as your own hair. To retain its natural look, you can wash, shampoo and dye the way you like it. You can create different and trendy hairstyles through effective use. Wigs with small clips can be attached to existing hair very easily and will be very stable, so you do not need to worry about them getting slipped.

The ladies of the office also prefer human hair wigs, because these wigs can not only help them to get great looks, but also boost confidence. When you feel great about how you look, your self-confidence increases.

Which one is right for you? A human hair wig or a synthetic wig? Most people can choose wigs created by natural hair as they have many advantages. If you want to know more about wigs especially ones that are made from real human hair, you can check out the site of

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19th century Jewish in Germany began to operate

Wigs are known as “head fashion”,as a higher value-added export products,19th century Jewish in Germany began to operate,and gradually transferred to Korea,Japan and Hong Kong and Taiwan.After the reform and opening up,the domestic batch to undertake the transfer of industrial industries in Korea,plus production enterprises was to OEM production and imitation,China is now the world’s largest addition to production.Exporting countries,more and more wig export enterprises to participate in the competition in overseas markets,but also derived from a number of well-known brands of wig products.

Kabeilu is one of the companies that insist on doing high quality real hair and take brand route and long-term planning.Kabeilu stationed in Ali International in 2010,focused on B2B foreign trade business,with the enterprise in the business development of the rapid increase,the company synchronization Focus on its own factory construction,so as to make up for the shortcomings of traditional traders.After years of development,KBL has been able to flexibly control the production,monitoring inventory,to control the quality of products,to provide customers with consistent quality of goods,thus attracting every kabeilu customers.

Nowadays,the wigs wear fashion all over the world,and each person wearing a wig is different,for black women,their original hair curl,paste the scalp,not long and long,and naturally not easy to care,coupled with the beauty of female beauty,Has a hair into a lot of black women’s dream,at the same time,because the real hair making wig products realistic,durable and beautiful features,has become the first choice for black women.

If you want to buy original and unprocessed hair,please contact us,we are the largest supplier of China,the main supply of real hair extension types are:Brazilian hair,Peru hair,Indian hair,Malaysian hair.

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